Because Grandfathers Love Apples.

Pick your own season has come and gone. Most pick your own business’s have shut their gates for the winter months.

We drove out to Battleview Orchards in Freehold, NJ just in time for one last meander among the apple trees. I was on the hunt for two specific apples. Stayman Winesap and Granny Smith. Thankfully, these are two of the many apple varieties that last this late into the season. Both being very tart apples (why I know these strange facts are only due to my grandfather’s strong opinion of apple variety – hence why I went apple picking for bags and bags of Stayman Winesap’s)


The air was crisp and the wind was blowing strong enough to knock over a small child. I brought my grandfather and when we showed up at the apple fields there were only a few stragglers bundled up.

He took one look at me and said, “How far do you think we have to walk for the Stayman’s?”

I smiled and said, “Not very far.”


So…there I was. Bucket in hand and ready to find those Stayman’s. I waved at grandpa from the end of the orchard. He waved back…from inside the car. What you’ll do for an 89 year old man who just wants an apple – I tell ya!


Pies, crisps, smeared with peanut butter – you name it, we have plenty of apples to feed a village. But fun fact, from my grandfather, apples in the fridge last 45 days longer than sitting out on your kitchen counter. So, if you’re like my grandfather and love those Stayman Winesap’s than I suggest you refrigerate those apples. You’ll be eating them through winter for goodness sake!


If there’s only few apple picking memories that I’ll remember, it surely will be picking apples by myself for my grandfather who loves Stayman Winesap’s.

We checked out Wemrock Orchards. My grandfather used to bring my grandmother here when it was only a stand on the side of the road back back in 1972.


Check out the 2017 Pick Your Own schedule at Battleview Orchards

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