Lola’s European Cafe.

I sat baking in the mid afternoon sun, sipping on a Bloody Mary, feeling as if I had been transported back to the country I so desperately love. Italia.

Just at the beginning of Asbury’s Cookman Street, where rows of new shops and restaurants seem to pop up everyday, one trendier than the next, is a Cafe that is creating an appetite on beautifully crafted cheese boards.




Lola’s European Cafe is as unique as the Salad Boards they’re serving up. I mean…why can’t EVERYTHING be served on a board. Why does it seem that, up until this point, only cheese has been served on boards? Well, to that question I’ll give my own answer. Because cheese is as close to godliness as we’ll get to down here on earth. So presenting it should be just as eloquent. Lola’s serves up cheese boards that are hand crafted and, I think, purposely designed to be admired.


Italian Tuna Salad Board. 


In addition to their cheese boards Lola’s serves a long list of cocktails, wines, and beers. But I have two words for you. And these two words were made special order by the owner of Lola’s, Scott. Bloody Mary. Thank you, Scott, for mixing up a delicious Bloody. I lived in Italy for 5 months and it was truly hard to find a well made Bloody Mary. In all honesty, maybe it was due to my poor Italian or my distaste for tomato juice at that age (I can now say, with a reformed palette, that I love me a great Bloody Mary). Lola’s European Cafe mixes in all the American that comes in a Bloody Mary with the atmosphere of your typical European Cafe. Serving up gourmet panini’s on the side.


We’re a little messy, but my gosh look at that spread!



Lola’s truly takes you back to the mother land. It is a place to enjoy good company, to read a book, to sip on an after dinner drink. It’s all the pleasantries of the old world meets new world. Quaint, attractive, and romantic yet young and full of life. Reclaimed wood and exposed brick line the walls making the shop inside warm and inviting. While seasonal flowers overflow in window boxes and strands of globe string lights illuminate the outdoor space.




If you’re looking for a reason to eat cheese, have a drink, catch some live music, and indulge in authentic Italian gelato, look no further than Lola’s European Cafe. They’ll be serving it up with a personal European touch.

Here are the 7 simple reasons why I love Lola’s.

  1. Cheese. Artisan cheese that, at the sight, will melt in your mouth.
  2. Meat. Because, what goes best with cheese?
  3. Gelato. Imported ingredients from Italy, this gelato is the real deal.
  4. Salad Boards. Because, you never knew they existed.
  5. Atmosphere. You’ll be stepping into a European Cafe without using your passport.
  6. Happy Hour. Lola’s holds happy hour specials. They’re called happy hours for a reason.
  7. Live Music. A glass of wine and a serenade? Sign me up! Check their news section on their website for upcoming live music.



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