20 Quarts.

20 Quarts. 20 quarts of what, you ask? 20 quarts of ice cream.

The average American consumes 20 quarts of ice cream each year. This fact makes me feel pretty terrible. Only because I feel like I could totally down 20 quarts of ice cream in a month and a half.  Just kidding. But not really.

Today I bring you just two scoops of ice cream in the air, because heck, it’s Friday!


Next time you head down to the Jersey Shore be sure to check out Nagles for an afternoon snack.


Accurate weight: ERROR. Cannot be measured at this time.


Fun tiled floors. Perfect background for 2 perfectly round scoops.


Made it to ice cream’s mecca. A des(s)erted beach.

Happy Friday! Hope you’re 1 scoop closer to your average dose of a 20 quart year.

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