The Magic of Morocco

Jasmine sweeps through the palm leaves like fresh folded laundry. Marrakech is pure magic. By day and by night Marrakech will surprise you, send chills through you.

Candle lit lanterns line almost every entrance to the cities most beautiful riads, restaurants, souks and spas. Yes, you heard that right, spa’s. Need a good scrub down? You’ve come to the right country. A traditional hammam will have you leaving Morocco like an entirely new person – quite literally. 




We set off on our Moroccan journey with a private tour guide through Enchanted Morocco Tours. Entering unknown territory can be daunting. So many things to see, so many expectations, all with so little time.




By hiring a private tour guide you’re able to experience the city like a local, dive into the culture at its roots with people who are native to the land, speak the language, and who understand the city’s ins and outs. Enchanted Morocco Tours provided not only the most incredible experience, but the most unforgettable one. Trust me – I’ll be returning soon and calling Hamid.



From the bustling city to the Sahara Desert, Morocco’s landscape boasts deep-rooted history through the food, kasbah’s, tradition, and beautiful berber music. 

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On our first night in Marrakech we enjoyed dinner on the rooftop of El Fenn where I discovered my love for Moroccan wine – Medallion to be specific.

Dinner on the rooftop of El Fenn.

Book a reservation for dinner on the rooftop at El Fenn. The gorgeous rooftop in this luxury, boutique riad will not disappoint.


Before leaving Marrakech head to La Mamounia for a cocktail and some jazz music. Spread across three magnificent riads, the hotel transports you to a time that feels like you’ve stepped into the first class cabin of the Titanic. High end and luxurious, La Mamounia’s gardens and lounge is the perfect place to dress to impress.

La Mamounia for a cocktail.

We set out on our trek to the Sahara Desert. Excited and apprehensive to make the journey, we passed through the incredible landscapes of the Draa Valley and stopped to visit historical Kasbah’s.



Deep orange walls, sandy valleys, lush rows of green farm land growing in desert sands, date palms, and gorgeous scenic views line the narrow road through the Atlas Mountains. Every so often we’d stop off for a picture, a mint tea and a prickly pear.




And so…after many hours of driving we made it to the foot of the Sahara Desert sand dunes. Silence. The desert is silence. The camels feet plummeting into the sand was the only sound we heard during our trek to our desert camp. Unfamiliar to any landscape I’d ever seen, the sand dunes took my breath away.




Like a sea of rolling orange ocean, the dunes are vast and feel like endless waves of burnt orange peels straight to the horizon. We arrived at our camel skin tent where we were greeted with mint tea (this time in Sahara Desert fashion – more bitter and less sweet than the city folk of Marrakech like it).



IMG_3291 2
Camel’s retiring for the night.


We waited for the sun to set and as it grew dark we gawked in awe at the night sky and straight into the band of stars that make up the Milky Way. We sang traditional Berber music around the fire and told each other riddles until it was time to retire to our beautiful tent for the night.


Sunrise over the Sahara Desert.

As we made our way back to Marrakech, we stopped for a night in Ourrzazate which is also known as the gateway to the Sahara Desert or the Hollywood of Morocco. A city that’s lively and full of character, it offers authenticity through typical souks with enough rugs, pillows, purses, lanterns, and jewelry to have you lost in a Moroccan dream.





Morocco is like a dream. I wake up and the morning breeze from our room smells of spices and msemen – a crepe like semolina bread that’s pan fried, golden and crisped to perfection. With the right amount of crunch from the semolina, the bread is warm, buttery and layered thin to perfection. Msemen drizzled with honey and a pot of mint tea is all you need to begin your journey through magical Morocco. 


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