Paige is a semi-new blogger hoping to share what she can with those who want to read it. She is a freelancer in film, reality television, and live events; but mainly, she lives her life dreaming about far away places and intimate spaces. She craves creativity and hopes that someday she can publish her own book based off the 23 journals she owns and writes in. She has no clue where she’s going in life, but does anyone really?

Her blog is scatterbrained like most things in life; however, the ideas come together to fit her interests in an organized chaos type of way that, quite honestly, she wishes she had more control over. In this systematic mess of a blog, you may find recipes, short stories, thoughts, field notes, and photography. What you won’t find is a sense of ‘blog identity’ – if that’s what you’re looking for I sense you’ll find it elsewhere.

Until Paige finds her sense of self, she invites you to enjoy turning the Paiges (sorry, had to fit the pun in somewhere) to the daily, yet infrequent, chapters of her life.

In bocca al lupo…


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